Mierisch: Abracadecaf Natural Laurina – Nicaragua


Abracadecaf! is magic! Prepare to be amazed at this naturally low-caffeine coffee. Flavor notes abound: pain au chocolate (think chocolate croissant) laced with brown sugar and maple syrup, and sprinkled with almonds. Syrupy, sweet, velvety in body. Pretty much magic in a cup.

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Eleane is one of our two female producing partners, rare in the coffee world, and this particular coffee, grown at her farm La Escondida, is rare as well. In fact, the term Decaf is misleading. This coffee has not been decaffeinated because it didn’t need to be. “Laurina” is a coffee variety with caffeine levels low enough to meet decaf standards. Pretty much mind-blowing, it’s syrupy and sweet, exactly the cup you want to drink at night with dessert. Eleane has done herself proud with this one.

Eleane and Mierisch farms have easily found a place among the most sought after producers in the specialty coffee industry. Eleane’s unrelenting pursuit of excellence in coffee quality is model. You can taste it in her coffees. Find out more here: http://fincasmierisch.com/

Cup score: 87

Producer: Eleane Mierisich
Estate: Miersich Family
Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Altitude: 1100 m a.s.l.
Process: Natural
Variety: Laurina
Harvest: 2019
Certifications: Direct Trade

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