Anny Ruth: Colibri – El Salvador


Medium body, orange zest acidity, milk chocolate sweetness, with notes of candied pecan in the finish.  Small in size.  Not in flavor.

Colibri is Spanish for hummingbird, indicating the petite size of this coffee, which is by no means “petite” in flavor.

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This is our fourth year working with Anny Ruth whose farm resides in Boqueron, El Salvador.   Anny Ruth inherited this farm from her father, at first determined to not be a farmer herself.  Like many young farmers, she saw far more appealing opportunities in the city.  However, she eventually fell in love working with coffee (as many of us do) and in more than one way!  After telling our roaster that he was crazy for getting married so young, a couple years later, she did the same with one of our favorite importers in the industry.

Anny grows varieties red, orange, and yellow bourbon, as well as pacamara all in volcanic soil.  Her coffees are clean, complex, and sweet.  100% Female Owned Farm.  Not common in El Salvador.

Grower: Anny Ruth
Country: El Salvador
Region: Boqueron
Altitude: 1650M
Process: Honey
Variety: Various
Harvest: 2019
Certs: Direct Trade
Tasting Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Orange Zest, Candied Pecan


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