Brewista Smart Brew Coffee Scale w/ Timer

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Whether you just need to know the weight of your grounds or the time of your pour, Brewista’s Smart Brew Coffee Scale is the go-to scale without all the bells and whistles. Its clean design serves dual purpose as a kitchen scale, or as a coffee scale with its built-in timer. The large stainless steel platform accommodates any standard portafilter and wipes clean with a soft cloth. Accurately measure in 0.1 gram increments up to 1000 grams, 1.0 gram increments from 1000 grams to the maximum capacity of 2000 grams (70 ounces).  Large digits are easy to read on the backlit LCD which includes a battery level indicator. Should the need arise, the Brewista Smart Brew Scale can be re-calibrated. The Auto-Off feature prevents unnecessary battery draining by shutting down after 5 minutes of inactivity. Powered by two AAA batteries (included).

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