Calera – Porvenir: Natural Bourbon – El Salvador


Porvenir is the future of coffee.  Coffee growing countries have always faced obstacles such as natural disaster, weather, pests, and diseased plants, but now more than ever are faced with hurdles of a more socio-economic and political nature.  Corruption and violence plague these countries, forcing many into exile.  Those who stay are forsaking the farm for jobs in the technology sector.  Incentives to stick around and farm coffee are growing less and less, while demand in the developed world only seems to grow!

Specialty coffee is the answer to the problem.  By taking the time to meticulously cultivate fine coffee crops, Calera is able to sell their coffee at 3 times the Fair Trade Price ($1.14/lb. as of 10/29/2018).  So the “craft” market is not just capitalizing on a trend.  It’s recognizing the vast difference in labor and flavor between coffees cupping 85+/100 points on the quality scale, and commodity coffee scoring below 80; and we give credit where its due!  This means that many farms can bring in more revenue to sustain hardships, whatever they may be.  And business relationships such as the one we have with Calera brings a level of stability because they can count on us to choose their crops just as we count on them to produce excellent coffee.  The specialty coffee industry is creating more economically sustainable farm,s meaning that we can continue to enjoy delicious coffee for many years to come.   ¡PARA EL PORVENIR!

Grower: Finca Calera
Country: El Salvador
Region: Metapan
Altitude: 1650M
Process: Natural / Dry
Variety: Bourbon
Harvest: 2018
Certs: Direct Trade
Tasting Notes: Dried Plum, Black Currant, Golden Raisin, Butterscotch, Pineapple and Milk Chocolate Finish

NOTE: We roast to order every Tuesday and Wednesday.  All orders received by Tuesday at 5 PM will be roasted and out for delivery by Thursday morning.  Orders received later than 5 PMwill be roasted the next week.


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