Coto: Capulin Gesha – Guatemala


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Guatemala Geshas uniquely take on the terroir, giving a delicate variety increased body & balance, while retaining the floral characteristics we look for in a Gesha.  Subtly floral & fruity with a full black tea body.  This is a great first coffee for folks who say, “I’m not really a coffee-drinker; I prefer tea.”

Fortunately, as early adopter of this project, we are able to bring this Gesha variety to you for a steal.  You will notice that the Gesha variety really takes on new characteristics in Guatemalan soil, providing a deep herbaceous tone that reminds us of bergamot, black tea, and subtle jalapeno.  Lacking no complexity, yet grounded in a classic caramel notes nostalgic to all coffee drinkers.

The Bagstory:
Another lights out coffee from Stuardo Coto and fam.   This is a Gesha on its way to greatness, being the 2nd harvest from this crop and already tasting superb.  Coto planted an entire lot of Gesha trees and meticulously tasted the fruit of each tree to determine which of the plants was producing the tastiest coffee.  After coming to their conclusion, they leveled the lot once more to plant only cherry from that specific tree to yield the greatest possible results.  This was the fourth year of life for these plants and the harvests do not fully mature until the fifth, but if it tastes good, then why wait!

Cup score: 86.5

Grower: Stuardo Coto and Family
Farm: Panorama
Lot: Capulin
Country: Guatemala
Region: San Marcos
Altitude: 1650 m a.s.l.
Process: Washed
Variety: Gesha
Harvest: 2018