Swiss Water Decaf – Cerrado, Brazil


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This cup starts soft with a subtle hint of apple acidity, like the first bite of a red delicious–more peel than flesh.  Following is a clean nutty characteristic like that of almond milk giving way to a slightly thicker-than-water mouthfeel.  It finishes with a refined sugar sweetness that’s quick with a lingering note of milk chocolate.

The Bagstory:
Swiss Water decaffeination removes more caffeine than any other process (99.9%).  A gentle process involve water, temperature, & time preserves taste without imparting off flavors.   More information at

We imported this particular lot from long time partners, Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders.

Grower: Various
Country: Brazil
Region: Cerrado
Altitude: 1300M
Process: Swiss Water Decaf
Variety: Blend
Harvest: 2018
Tasting Notes: Red delicious apple, almond, refined sugar, milk chocolate