Decaf: Valle de Cauca – Colombia


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In this cup we get a cherry and citrus acidity transitioning into a caramel sweetness, with a clean sugarcane finish.  The clarity of this decaf has fooled many at the cupping table, presenting a clean, sweet, and traditional style flavor profile that is comparable to our Hello, Neighbor.

The Bagstory:
The sugarcane decaffeination process is a natural alternative to chemical process.  It uses sugarcane juice to extract caffeine from coffee.  So that means no harmful or bitter chemicals.  To be considered decaf coffee, decaffeination must extract 75% of the original caffeine from a coffee.  This process extracts 89%.

We imported this particular lot for Genuine Origin, a quality source for delicious coffees.

Grower: Small shareholder farmers
Country: Colombia
Region: Valle de Cauca
Altitude: 1700M
Process: Ethyl-Acetate (Sugarcane) Decaf
Variety: Various
Harvest: 2018
Certs: None
Tasting Notes: Cherry, Citrus, Caramel, Sugarcane