DelAgua: Peaberry Natural – Colombia


Go with us here.  This might sound weird, but drinking this coffee is like taking a big bite of a grilled PB&J.  Extremely jammy, bursting with berry preserves. Blueberry, Strawberry, Concord Grape, Blackberry, Pineapple.  Easily the juiciest coffee we’ve ever tasted. There is simply no category for this.

We roast all coffee fresh to order.  Please allow 3 business days to process your order.


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Being a fan of natural coffees from the Americas, when we heard La Palma y El Tucan had a sister farm that was producing natural coffees, there was great anticipation to get our first samples. La Palma is known for their progressive experimentation and high scoring coffees. Therefore, we are honored to be a part of the root system that supports some of the greatest efforts in coffee growing sustainability. The following statement is from DelAgua: “DelAgua produces green coffee at La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. A magical region with the highest mountain close to the ocean in the world. Our microclimate is as diverse as sacred. Several springs nourish the most unbelievable fauna and flora; a resource and most treasured asset which we are committed to guard. At DelAgua Coffee, water has become our greatest treasure and its conservation, our purpose. As challenging as this statement is when it comes to producing coffee, we have called this our mission. DelAgua produces coffees through a community–based model using the minimum amount of water in their processing, encouraging our team and the traditional coffee growers inhabiting the region to become the guardians of biodiversity.”

Cup score: 90

Producer: Gabriel Cano
Farm: DelAgua
Country: Colombia
Region: Santa Marta, Colombia
Altitude: 2000 m a.s.l.
Process: Natural
Variety: Various Peaberry
Harvest: 2019
Certifications: Direct Trade

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