Mierisch: Funky Pacamara


This funky fermented Pacamara variety has aromatics of watermelon candy and mango.  On first sip, the palate does a double-take, not expecting the flavors it receives.  It takes a couple more sips to become acclimated to this very unique coffee.  After a couple more sips you can finally put a name to that familiar flavor–overwhelming cherry cordial.  Layers of complexity unfold to reveal pomegranate juice and amaretto.  The watermelon candy from the nose is found in the finish as well and every sip goes down smoothly with a creamy body.  As espresso, the Funky Pacamara is decadent with an additional note of Chardonnay.

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The Mierisch Family has several farms in Nicaragua, and this is the 2nd year our business partnership.  This is the first of our 2019 harvests for us to release and we are really excited!  The Mierisch family also produces our famed “Abracadecaf!”  One of the most sought after partnerships in Nicaragua, we are very happy to call them friends.  They continually produce some of the most unique, experimental coffees we’ve tasted yet.  We cannot wait for you to taste this one!  Find more about their operation here: http://fincasmierisch.com/

This is a process in which a certain amount of controlled over-fermentation in the cherries is allowed. It begins the same way as all drying methods from Fincas Mierisch, with ripe cherries.  After being floated, they are carefully transported to the dry mill. Once at the mill, cherries are laid as a thick layer on a plastic tarp (usually coffee is spread as a thin layer) and moved less frequently. This allows the initiation of some degree of fermentation. The coffee remains covered on the patio between 24 to 36 hours, with constant monitoring so that the cherries do not ferment completely. Fermentation is monitored by tasting the cherry/mucilage for vinegary flavors which would mean over-fermentation .

After the controlled fermentation stage, the coffee is spread out as a thin layer and it is moved more often to promote even drying. It will sun-dry on the patio for 8 days, and then an additional 28-30 days on the African beds until it reaches 12% humidity. The coffee is then moved into a well-ventilated warehouse and allowed to rest for 30 days before it is milled. After it is milled, the coffee is allowed to rest for an additional 30 days as a green bean.

The Pacamara variety mixed with the “funky” processing gives this coffee an incredibly unique flavor with very strong fermentation.

Cup score: 90

Grower: Mierisch Family
Farm: Limoncillo
Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Altitude: 1000 m a.s.l.
Process: “Funky”
Variety: Pacamara
Harvest: 2019