Gikanda Co-Op: Gichathaini AA – Nyeri, Kenya


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A sparkling green apple acidity reminds us of sipping a Riesling on the patio at sundown.  Then it gives way to the warming morning flavors of plum and blackberry.  It has a malty sweetness to ground, but leaves the mouth watering with a lingering pineapple tingle.

We have to be picky about the Kenyan coffee we source.  We’ve found that many Kenyan coffees are iconically savory, commonly described as tasting like tomato soup.  We happily present another coffee that breaks from the mold of tradition.  No tomatoes here!  But you will also find that the flavors are fully developed.  It’s definitely on the brighter side and we don’t recommend adding cream.  Tasting more of a crisp white wine, the coffee doesn’t meld with the fats as well.  Brewed as a concentrate over ice, however, will send you over the moon in delight.

The Bagstory:
We sourced this coffee spot from Cafe Imports to jazz things up a bit, and because we’ve been selling more coffee than we’ve contracted!  And because it tasted so delicious.  And because we knew you’d like it.

The Gichathaini Factory (washing station) is located in Nyeri, Kenya and is one of three belonging to the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society.

Cup score: 88

Grower: Gikanda Co-Op
Washing Station: Gichathaini
Country: Kenya
Region: Nyeri
Altitude: 1750 masl
Importer: Cafe Imports
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: SL-28
Harvest: 2018