Belsnickel Holiday Blend – HE IS NIGH!


Cheer or fear?
Belsnickel is here!
He judges your year….

Whether you’ve been impish or admirable we offer you this years Belsnickel Holiday Blend to go with your Hog Maw and other holiday trimmings.  This is the coffee blend that everyone wants around the fireplace this season!  It has a big bodied flavor that is the smoothest and sweetest we’ve had in some time.  The beautiful blend of three sweet and buttery coffees is comprised of notes of cranberry and apple cider  with a baking spice sweetness reminiscent of snickerdoodles!

Coto and Fuadi’s coffees blend well together, though they reside on two opposite ends of the globe: Guatemala and Thailand.  For each of these farmers, we are the first to throw in our lot with their first foray into specialty coffee and this is our second year with each of them.  Needless to say, it was well worth the risk.  And the way these coffees meld together so harmoniously seems about as magical as Belsnickel himself!

Since we are so excited to share this coffee with the world, we are offering wholesale prices on 2lb and 5lb bags to all our wonderful patrons!

Country: Guatemala, Thailand
Process: Natural / Dry, Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Pacamara, Typica
Harvest: 2018
Certs: Direct Trade
Tasting Notes: Syrupy body, low acidity, high sweetness, with notes of cranberry, apple cider, and snickerdoodle cookie!

NOTE: We roast to order every Tuesday and Wednesday.  All orders received by Tuesday at 5 PM will be roasted and out for delivery by Thursday morning.  Orders received later than 5 PMwill be roasted the next week.


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