Belsnickel Impish Holiday Blend


What an impish thing to do!  We’re breaking all the rules!  Pre-blending such fine coffees & roasting to minimize acidity.  This is how you get smacked in the craft coffee culture! But when your palates explode with rich cocoa, roasted almonds, and dried fruits, you’ll be hitting yourselves for naysaying the perfect blend of tradition and quality.

We roast all coffee fresh to order.  Please allow 3 business days to process your order.


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This year we released our infamous Belsnickel Holiday Blends in two editions.  Our green buyer and head roaster can often be found squabbling over the nature of the ideal cup of coffee.  

Admirable was designed by Nick, our green coffee buyer, to bring out the subtleties of each blend component.  The coffees are roasted separately to different roast degrees, highlighting the floral notes of Nansebo Worka Washed Ethiopia, the baking spices of Cruz Grande Washed Guatemala, and the red fruits of the Pitsuwan: Chiang Rai Thailand.  This is our preferred way to blend. The results are a stunningly layered cup of coffee that sparkles on the palate. This is the blend that will dazzle the craft coffee industry and capture the heart of all coffee lovers.

Impish, designed by Jeremy, our head coffee roaster, breaks a few “rules”.  First the green coffees are pre-blended and roasted together. This allows for each of the coffees to receive the same exact treatment which muddies the flavors together.  Second we roast the coffee slower which helps increase mouthfeel and lower acidity–not something typically done with an amalgamation of such complex, high scoring coffee. Third we increase caramelization to bring out the nuttier and spicier side of these coffees.  By breaking our own rules, we’ve developed a deeper, richer, more nostalgic blend of coffee resulting in the most sessionable coffee of all time.