IT’S ALIVE! – Ethiopia


This heirloom variety from Ethiopia is bombastic and alive! Anaerobic fermentation is a low-temp, controlled rot that breaks down sugars & elevates fruit acids for a greater perceived sweetness, yielding a silky mouthfeel with bouquets of floral aromatics & hand-picked berry sweetness. To deviate from the typical washed and dry process is in rare form, making this a very unique experience indeed!

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Here we have another beautiful crop from our friends at Catalyst who source our beloved Wild Horse. But here is a lot that finds itself in a category all its own with superior balance with massive fruit a-peel. (DOH!)

The collaboration of great minds set to good research has yielded another iteration of an anaerobic fermented coffee–this time from Ethiopia. The coffee cherries were sealed in a container at a low-temperature. Temperatures slowly rise as fermentation activity increases. The temperature is monitored to ensure the coffee doesn’t begin to decay. Fermentation results in more of the fruit sweetness and flavors are drawn from the coffee cherry flesh into the seed, which you now find in your bag. We’ve seen what this process does to a common variety in El Salvador (link Power UP!), but what happens when you apply that process to a Ethiopian heirloom, already known for its bombastic berry forward flavors? It’s like trying to describe a color, but here goes.

Immense honey sweetness finishes as brown sugar and lingering milk chocolate. All the while there are sugar plums and blueberries dancing in your head. A deep richness leads you from the blueberry orchard into a blackberry patch. The absence of bitterness allows for beautiful floral notes found in perfectly steeped black and oolong teas. It’s a fruit forward coffee that you to drink with everything. If you don’t drink coffee now, you will. This is that never-going-back coffee. Brew it over ice and sell it as fruit tea. They’ll never know the difference.

Cup score: 88

Relationship: Catalyst Trade (importer)
Washing Station: Shantawene
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Bensa woreda in the Sidama Zone
Altitude: 2100 m a.s.l.
Process: Carbonic Maceration
Variety: Heirloom
Harvest: 2019