Felipe Sardi Gesha

Felipe Sardi Heroes Gesha


Grower: La Palma Y El Tucan
Country: Colombia
Region: Zipacon
Altitude: 1800 masl
Process: Lactic Natural
Variety: Gesha
Harvest: 2018
Tasting Notes:  Lemonde,  Blueberry Jam,  Mango
Amount of Coffee: 10oz.


When we partnered with La Palma Y El Tucan three years ago, we were captured by the way they were changing the current in the Colombian coffee industry. After years of farmers selling low quality coffee to the National Federation of Coffee, La Palma y El Tucan saw their chance to fill the gap. With a huge decrease in the Colombian coffee economy, farmers were growing lower quality coffee and receiving lower wages, than ever in recent history. Felipe and Elisa Sardi saw a real way to impact coffee growing families in their country. La Palma is paying their staff four times more than the average pay, has increased their product’s quality, and has helped reboot the coffee economy. Years of chasing what started as only just a dream, has shaped the way many Colombians grow, sell, and manage their farms.

The coffee in this box has been named a member of this farm’s “Hero Series”. As an attempt to showcase Colombian coffee’s potential. La Palma Y el Tucan collaborates with the University of Bogota, to create unique processing methods that allow for heightened complexity. Not only does this coffee consist of rare varietals, it also has a Q-score of 90; being the top 1% of product quality world wide. Each bean gets individually inspected before it is ready to be sold and exported. This is the top 10% of beans from this already incredible lot. The pickers that are chosen to pick this miraculous coffee are all single mothers from the community. These mothers are not only picking the highest quality bean, but are also being trained with invaluable home management skills. Because these women are being paid four times more than the minimum wage, we are honored to be paying more for the coffee that you are receiving.

The mission of Voltage Coffee Project and the shops that we own, is to change the current in every community we touch. In our line of work, this includes the farms we are working with. We are excited to present to you a coffee that has been cared for with intentionality and authenticity.