La Palma y el Tucan: Giovanna Mendez – Colombia


It’s always an exciting day when a La Palma  y El Tucan shipment arrives.  Cupped blindly alongside other La Palma farmers, we decided once again on Giovanna’s crop.

Truly special.  Exotic lactic acid fermentation process coaxes beautiful flavor of blueberry jam over buttered pastry.  Zingy strawberry and grape popping candy bring a lively acidity before a silky finish, long and lingering.

Cupped at an 88.

The Bagstory:
Giovanna Mendez is one of many coffee farmers who participate in the Neighbors & Crops program from La Palma y el Tucan.  When we buy coffee we’re suckers for a good story, especially when it means future sustainability for our partners.  La Palma y el Tucan partners with its surrounding coffee growers to provide good seed and farming practices (among other non-monetary resources) to increase quality and yield in their crop.  La Palma then provides further business security by purchasing their crop at a much higher price before processing it and selling it to roasters like us.  Rather than buying out surrounding farm land and hiring the previous owners to work it, La Palma y el Tucan empowers their neighbor to leave a legacy in the land; they understand that true equity is in relationships.  This wisdom is why we love partnering with them and it’s why many future generations of coffee drinkers will continue to drink upstream.

Grower: Giovanna Mendez with La Palma y el Tucan
Country: Colombia
Region: Cundinamarca
Altitude: 1850 M
Process: Lactic Acid Fermentation
Variety: Castillo
Harvest: 2018
Certs: Direct Trade

NOTE: We roast to order every Tuesday and Wednesday.  All orders received by Tuesday at 5 PM will be roasted and out for delivery by Thursday morning.  Orders received later than 5 PM will be roasted the next week.


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