Moonshine Preacher: Elijah Craig


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A naturally processed, yellow bourbon (variety of coffee tree) from El Salvador aged in the DFW Whiskey Club pick of an Elijah Craig bourbon barrel.   (more info on the coffee below).

The Bagstory:
Anny is one of our two female coffee-producing partners and we are grateful to partner with her.  She has consistently provided us with sweet and clean coffees through the years.  As one of our first and most cherished partners, we are proud to bring you the best of her offerings.

Loma La Gloria estate is beautifully situated on the side of a volcano near the El Boqueron national park.  Volcanic soil is great for growing coffee and it shows in the harvest.  The strength of this yellow bourbon variety is not in a bouquet of exotic flavors like some of our coffees, but in the jaw dropping clarity and “clean-ness” achieved in a natural processed coffee.

Coffee beans are actually the roasted seed of the coffee cherry.  As a part of processing, coffee must stabilize at a certain moisture percentage, which is accomplished through drying.  “Natural” processing leaves the fruit mucilage intact for a greater part of the drying process enhancing the fruit sugars and fruit flavors in the end product.  The risk involved could mean inconsistent drying, leading to inconsistent roasting, and a muddy, inconsistent cup of coffee.  Anny and her team has full mastery over this process, producing year after year, the sweetest and cleanest coffees that taste the same a months after harvest.  We can not share how grateful we are to her and her craft.  As one a very few female producers in the coffee industry, she shows us that the coffee industry needs more women at the helm.

Grower: Anny Ruth at Loma La Gloria Estate
Country: El Salvador
Region: El Boqueron
Altitude: 1650M
Process: Natural
Variety: Yellow Bourbon (boor-BŌN)
Harvest: 2019