Nansebo Worka: Washed – Ethiopia


The dry fragrance is herbaceous.  Adding water sends up floral aromas of oolong tea and rose.  While lightly roasted, the apricot & nectarine acidity is tame, with big black tea body & lingering flavors of pomegranate and rhubarb.

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Zenebe Simbret Washing Station is tucked away in the remote Tulu Gola Village in the Tunse forest.  It’s owned and operated by Zenebe Genale, a delightful and hardworking Sidama man known for his attention to detail.  Only washed coffees are processed here by producers who are paid a minimum plus premium at the time of delivery. These high density coffees are washed in clean water from the nearby Cheffee River.

Cup score: 90

Producer: Zenebe Genale
Washing Station: Zenebe Simbret
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Nansebo, West Arsi
Altitude: 2100 m a.s.l.
Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom
Harvest: 2019
Certifications: Organic

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