West Oak: Orange – Decaf – Ready to Brew Packets


West Oak’s Black & Orange Coffee simplifies coffee to one little question:

“Black or Orange?”

Whether you choose regular or decaf, you can trust that the coffee you’re brewing will be delicious and sustainably sourced, yet cost effective to meet the needs of your restaurant, office, or organization.  We provide a crowd pleasing roast that will all of your guests will enjoy.

These pre-weighed, pre-ground packets of coffee are as easy as rip, dump, and brew so you can ensure consistency, no matter who makes the coffee.

Size Guide:
2oz packets – 32 oz. brew water
3oz packets – 48 oz. brew water (use two for 96oz.)
4oz packets – 64oz. brew water (use two for 128oz.)

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Our partnering farmers are producing the highest quality of coffee that we in turn roast and serve to you.  We purchase these high grade specialty coffees for $3-$6+ per pound, most of the time 2-3  times the minimum fair trade price.  These coffees are sustaining the future of these farms.  Ideally, our partners would be able to convert more and more of their farm land to these higher end lots.  But there’s a problem.  Coffee trees take 3-5 years before producing their first harvest.  So to plant new trees means losing the yield of that lot for 3-5 years.  In many cases, this is not feasible.

In order to ease the transition, we are always looking for creative ways to move more of their crop.  One way is to source their less complex, lower scoring, still very delicious coffees at a rate higher than the fair trade minimum price, yet at a price more cost effective than their higher end offerings.  In return we are able to offer a product that is Direct Trade, sustainably sourced, and delicious at a competitive price.

Enter West Oak: Black & Orange.  By making our brand available to a larger part of the market, we will be able to purchase a wider variety of coffees from our producers, deepening the roots of our relationship, and helping meet the needs of their businesses while further meeting the needs of our clients and guests.