Santiang: Pasaman Barat – Sumatra


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Lovely on filter brew, but especially as espresso.  The body is overwhelmingly juicy.  Strawberries & prunes.  Chocolate for days.  Subtly earthy finish iconic of Sumatra coffee, kind of like tobacco… or kush.

The Bagstory:
Craig and Susan Owen, owners of Santiang Exports, live on the island of Sumatra, assisting exceptional Indonesian farms with QC and export.  Their stateside home is in Krum, TX, right up the street from our roastery (Hello, Neighbor).  It just so happens that they also export some of the best coffees Sumatra has to offer.

This coffee comes from Pasaman Barat (or West Pasaman Regency).  What makes this coffee special is processing method.  Sumatra is extremely humid, which is why Wet-Hulled process is predominant.  It takes special care to process naturally because the humidity can lend to spoilage and unfavorable fermentation.  So to have a naturally processed coffee from this region is quite special.  In the cup, it’s much cleaner than a typical Sumatran coffee, shifting the typical earthy tobacco notes for juicy fruits with a tinge of green.  This translates to the palate in subtle flavors of under-ripe fruits, especially strawberry, and a noticeable flavor of cannabis mixed with sweet tobacco.

Cup score: 87

Grower: Smallholder Farmers
Country: Indonesia
Region: West Pasaman Regency, Sumatra
Exporter: Santiang Exports
Process: Natural
Variety: Various
Harvest: 2018
Certs: Organic