Finca Colomba: Tutto Giorno – El Salvador


Finca Colomba’s Tutto Giorno is a most excellent cup for those looking for a coffee that is just consistently GOOD.  Baking spice and hazelnuts.  It is clean and smooth.  Just a tinge of subtle orange zest acidity to keep it interesting.  The best way for us to put it is… well…

This is your Grandpa’s coffee.  It doesn’t beg for your attention.  It’s more about the conversation you’re having than what’s in your cup.  It’s the coffee of memories.  It’s friends having potluck breakfast.  It plays well with your favorite French Vanilla creamer that your coffee snob friends give you so much crap about.  Yet it’s bold–the same coffee mom and dad drink black every morning.  This is your no-fluff (except in the body), get-stuff-done beverage.  You’ll love it fresh, sitting out for a bit, or re-warmed in the microwave after you forgot to bring it with you to work, but need a little pick-me-up before supper…

… Okay maybe don’t drink it after the delicious fruit acids have broken down into volatile, stomach-churning acids, but you get the point.

Grower: Finca Colomba
Country: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Altitude: 1650M
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Harvest: 2018
Certs: Direct Trade
Tasting Notes: Marshmallow body, Orange zest acidity, Brown sugar sweetness, Hazelnut finish

NOTE: We roast to order every Tuesday and Wednesday.  All orders received by Tuesday at 5 PM will be roasted and out for delivery by Thursday morning.  


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