Wild Horse (Dur Feres) – Ethiopia


Catalyst’s homage to the Ethiopian coffee that turned everyone to specialty. By blending coffees of various regions & careful roasting, we provide your favorite flavor profile year after year. Blueberries & chocolate for days, Assam tea, strawberries & cream. Truly wild.

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Our goal at West Oak coffee is to work directly with the majority of our farms.  With African coffees, visiting our farmers is a challenge due to the structure of coffee trading in those countries.  Far fewer estates exist in Ethiopia.  Most coffees are produced by smallholder farmers who sell what little they have to the local washing station to be sorted and processed.  That’s where we are happy to defer to Catalyst, Coffee Traders dedicated to the Ethiopian relationships and experts in their culture and coffee practices.

This coffee is a green coffee blend from various regions.  Catalyst’s goal in blending this coffee is to provide a consistent product year after year that has the same flavor profile of the coffee that converted many of us into specialty coffee drinkers.  We frequently call it the “Aha!” coffee.  For some it was the first coffee they ever liked.  For others, it was a threshold crossed into better coffee, never to look back.  For all, Wild Horse (or “Dur Feres” in the Ethiopian language of Amharic) is beautiful expression of its origin, and the easiest cup to enjoy.

Cup score: 87

Grower: Smallholder Farmers
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Various
Washing Station: Various
Importer: Catalyst Trade
Process: Natural
Variety: Heirloom
Harvest: 2018
Certs: Organic

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