You need a coffee expert.



Level up your coffee game.  As a company with multiple shop locations, we understand the importance of baristas who can efficiently serve serve their guests the highest quality beverages with joy and humility.  We’ve cultivated a unique set of resources and perspectives on how and what to teach based on our own training programs.  Here are our most popular classes:

  • Guest Service
  • Seed-to-Cup (the coffee process)
  • Extraction Variables
  • Batch Brewing
  • Manual Brewing
  • Espresso Preparation
  • Milk Steaming and Latte Art
  • Effective Drink Building & Bar Flow


Balance is the key to complex and layered mixed drinks.  Spend time learning the basics of spirits and building cocktails at our coffee and cocktail bar, Trinity Street Coffee Bar (Decatur, TX).  Our bar consultations can assist you with a range of disciplines from bar knowledge to technique to building a menu.  We can even build unique cocktail recipes to your conceptual specifications for your bar or special event.



Bar flow has a high impact on labor.  We specialize in designing bars that minimize steps for your baristas and bartenders.  Lack of efficiency behind the bar can lead to high labor costs, bringing coffee businesses to their breaking points.  We will make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


We aim to provide you with the resources necessary to run a profitable operation. We cannot be too narrowly focused on coffee alone. Your product may be the best in town, but a poor business foundation can erode the most dreamy of concepts. We speak from first-hand experience. Our history is what makes us as passionate about a well-rounded approach to business, and why we spend so much personal time consulting other dreamers about their business plans. Let’s sit down over a mug and get down to brass tacks.