howdy partner.

so yer openin’ a shop?

Step 1: Partner with a Roaster

You’re opening a shop and now you need a coffee supplier.  Great coffee we have in abundance, but partnering with West Oak is more than that.  Your success is ours.  We will consult with you concerning business plans, building layout, barista workflow, and provide you with resources to start you off on the best foot.

In addition to consulting, we provide full staff training, 3D bar/workflow design, equipment discounts, and white-label options to support your brand.  You can read more about our approach below, but truly we just need to meet up.  We want to hear about your vision for your community and what makes you passionate to pursue that vision.  Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


Guests are royalty. Without them, we don’t exist. So at the core of all we do is a solid foundation of hospitality. We are experts in the guests’ employ. You won’t find us talking over their heads, using industry jargon, or passively coercing them to drink some exotically processed coffee (though there are few behind our bar). What you will find is a variety of coffees to meet all of our guests right where they are: cowpokes and city-slickers alike. As they enjoy their coffee, we’ll grin subtly in satisfaction, knowing we’ve done our jobs.


Your success is ours. We aim to provide you with the resources necessary to run a profitable operation. We cannot be too narrowly focused on coffee alone. Your product will be the best in town, but a poor business foundation can erode the most dreamy of concepts. We speak from first-hand experience. Our history is what makes us as passionate about a well-rounded approach to business, and why we spend so much personal time consulting other dreamers about their business plans. Let’s sit down over a mug and get down to brass tacks.


In roasting, we focus on solubility and sweetness. These are key to pushing complex layers in the cup. Like a good cocktail the acids and sugars must be in balance for maximum perception of flavor. For darker roasts, we minimize acidity by roasting longer, not hotter. This preserves sweetness and prevents unfavorable dry and acrid flavors. Our method of roasting for inner bean development increases solubility and brew consistency. This gives us greater appeal to traditional and modern drinkers alike. Truth is, everyone likes balance.


We look for more than just high scoring raw coffees. We look to partner in a deep way with our producers. We want honest lanes of communication and a desire to pioneer new processes with us. We look for meticulous growers, but also kind people who care for those in their employ. We partner with those who text us at midnight to share a laugh or an exciting new crop. They look out for us and know our tastes. They are friends. And because they are friends, they give us the best of what they got. Then we give it to you.

Wholesale Account Request Form

Want to setup a wholesale account with us? Click the link below and fill out the following form and we will get back with you shortly!