Welcome to the rodeo.


Shops, restaurants, offices, churches…

Whatever your business, we’re here to partner with you in a deep way, far more than simply providing bulk coffee.  We walk hand in hand with you to provide coffee, equipment, consulting, and resources that will help your business thrive.  That way you can focus on your local community, which is why you got into business in the first place. 

We partner with coffee shops, restaurants, offices, churches, and other organizations to serve delicious coffee to lots of happy folks. No matter your budget, we have sustainably-sourced, craft-roasted coffee that will cater to a variety of palates.  Read more about our approach here.

There’s a lot we could say, but really we just need to meet each other.  Send us a message via this contact form, or call us directly at 940.539.0293.  We’ll swap stories over the cupping table.

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