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    The Nature of Collaboration: A New Way to Partner (in Coffee)

    What does it mean to be a business that operates outside of the transactional norm?  What does it mean to be a business motivated by a desire to serve others rather than serving itself? This is the path we want to follow, and this is the way we hope to lead. Starting a business, owning […]

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    Which coffee should I buy?

    The coffee landscape has drastically changed in the last ten to twenty years. Options abound and it’s not just about which roaster’s logo fits your aesthetic. Specialty roasters in effort to convince the populace of their vast coffee knowledge flood their consumers with a deluge of data. We’re left swimming through tasting notes and exotic […]

  • dur feres cherries drying

    Coffee Delays in Ethiopia

    Every year brings its own issues with sourcing green coffee. It always requires flexibility and the ability to turn on a dime. Everyone expected that COVID-19 would brings certain challenges to the coffee industry. Consumers would need to save expendable income, retail locations would slow down, and many businesses would struggle to survive. This, of […]

  • aimeev60

    Brew Video: Aimee Show Us the Hario V60

    Aimee, production manager at West Oak Coffee Roasters, makes a V60 pour over. V60 is the preferred brew method of our coffee shops due to its supreme balance between body and clarity while being quicker than most other brewing methods.


West Oak Coffee Roasters opened a little over a year after our namesake coffee shop and cafe.  The first phase of Voltage Coffee Project was complete, having established a reliable avenue for serving unique coffees. 

Having successfully accomplished this task in West Oak Coffee Bar, it was on to phase two: establish a connection and begin lasting relationships with coffee producers all over the world.  We wanted to learn first hand how to be a proponent for change in our industry.  Since, we’ve learned our place lay in pressing the experimental frontiers of coffee processing while bridging the gap for more traditional drinkers to cross over into drinking specialty… [read more]

  • Belsnickel Holiday Blend!

    When will I be able to buy this blend online? I’ve been waiting all year. 🤣


    Sandy D.
    Northlake, TX
  • Aww shucks!

    Still my favorite roaster, even though we live in Austin now.

    James D.
    Austin, TX
  • We miss you too...

    I can’t describe how much I missed West Oak, even though we have here too many coffee shops, but nothing like West Oak in terms of products, staff, and vibes.

    Hadi A.
    Saudi Arabia
  • Yay newsletter!

    Your email was the best I have read in a long time! Anny Ruth sounds like an amazing person! Thanks for sharing, take care!

    Chris K.
    Allen, TX
  • Where it counts.

    This espresso is the best!!

    Morgan A.
    San Antonio, TX
  • you are worth it

    I REALLY like your coffee…  Thank you for actually providing quality.

    Samuel S.
    Fort Worth, TX
  • You should See us Dance...

    Thanks so much for all that y’all do.

    Caleb C.
    Gladewater, TX