Hello, Neighbor. – A house blend.


“Hello, Neighbor.” is like a snuggle, but for your tummy.  This is our premium breakfast coffee.  It has body and sweetness to stand up to any meal with enough acidity to cut through the fats.  Subtle layered complexity plays the background if you want to engage, yet it dances well with milk, and sugar, and butter, and coconut oil, and… well, let’s just say this: It’s the blend that likes you (and your neighbor) just the way you are.

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Hello, Neighbor.  Come on in and let us give you a tour of our house… blend.

We wanted something to drink with bacon and eggs, or chicken and waffles.  It had to have enough acidity to cut through the fats, and plenty of body to stand up to the savory and salty flavors of breakfast.  But we also wanted something that was sweet as a black coffee.  Something that didn’t need “doctoring” as we call it in Texas.  Something Tom Waits and Iggy Pop would sit down to.  But then again, we love cream and sugar, and it’s our favorite way to drink this coffee.  Hello, Neighbor is like a lot like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor’s neighbor, Wilson.  You don’t need to know much about him to know he’s always there for you.  So all around, this is the cup we’re drinking at our house, and it’s the one we’re bringing to yours.

Blend components subject to change.