Milk and Honey – Signature Espresso Blend


Preferred on espresso, but not limited to such, Milk and Honey mixes remarkably in milk to create and recreate an exemplary culinary experience.  Standalone, it’s the coffee you will come back to again and again without tiring of it’s thick crema, creamy body, pleasing fruit sweetness, and lingering dark chocolate finish.

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This is the coffee that delivers exactly what it promises (as best it can this side of eternity).  Milk and Honey is the quintessence of our offerings–the striving of our roasting team to create superior balance and drinkability among the ever-changing nature of coffee.  Single origin coffees are a specific type of special; they are one and done, like snowflakes and fingerprints, never to be replicated.  Blends are the true test of a roaster’s ability to create a memorable, reliable, and replicable experience from these myriad lots available throughout time and space.

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