PayDirt! – Dark Roast


NOTE: We roast to order.  Orders placed Sunday – Tuesday will be processed same week.  Orders placed Wednesday – Saturday will be processed the following week.  Thank you.


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You know the feeling when you’ve been working hard, trying again & again to get it perfect. It may have taken weeks… months… years… But then the day arrives. Clouds part, & heaven itself seems to shine down upon you. PayDirt! It’s when hard work, diligence, ingenuity, and good stewardship of time & money finally pay off.

PayDirt! embodies that very thing. Careful sourcing, roasting, and blending breed one of our most difficult, yet worthwhile cups to produce. Paydirt! is easy to brew, and hard to mess up, so you can focus on your own projects. This is a dark roast everyone can enjoy. We roast longer to minimize acidity while increasing body & sweetness. It’s dark, but there is no char. Heavy bodied with notes of cocoa and berries.